In relation to the term "Poropitia" and its reference... it is not available in the dictionary, as it is a term that is a combination of information to provide a concept to fit around the theme of "outside the box". The term poro, can be taken to mean, end, or final. We have taken the concept of the porowhita, porowhiti, and porowhiua in that these are about the circles and the action of throwing or casting. The term piti is about being side by side. So if you take a set of circles, and join them side by side (like that of the eternity ring or the slinky type activity) you will see a group of circles, that show no ending, no beginning. Therefore, it leads into the future for eternity without any restrictions.

Outside the box
This refers to the shifting nature of what we do and the world we work in.

What we think this means for Conference 2008...

Working with the community to provide a single resource that tells new residents all they need to know about the district

Working with Booksellers and Publishers to provide a better customer experience

Co-operative public library service nationwide without restrictions on district or location

Using a range of Web 2.0 technologies to get the message out and enabling discussion and participation (including during conference if you can't get to Auckland)

Blogs, wikis and citizens participation in government

Forecasting into the future, outside this current time and into another space in time

To be prophetic, forward thinking and to go beyond the known without reservations or fear
Dedicated computer lab for interactive workshops

Clarity about what the conference is offering especially in terms of the programme descriptions

Enough travelling time between sessions

Highlight awards during conference

Fun, take a risk conference dinner

No jargon or words/phrases that have to be explained; remember the audience

Readers advisory opportunites and skills

Engage with people outside the library and information profession e.g. maybe hold conferences that bring together different business, government etc groups

Generation exploration, career development, recruitment and retention

How to promote your library in the media and the collections in your library and your library in your organisation

Personal efficiency and networking skills

Opportunities to meet new people with a purpose

Make full use of the facility

Demonstration of new technology plus new library uses for old-ish technology including using social software to interact with our communities and/or our business

Ideas and theories not solely related to library and information areas

Enabling networks e.g. KAREN, the MUSH networks, what's happening with Broadband

Broad range of presentations across the library sector including single-person libraries

What do we want from and for the future of libraries - from our new grads, from the experienced library leaders etc

Providing other services via libraries i.e. council service centre, ticketing office

Something in the programme for everyone regardless of sector or experience in the profession

How to ensure that we have a future - mentoring new grads etc

Practical sessions on successful exporting of our work outside the box and into customers regular information explorations

Opportunities for some think-tank type discussions outside the regular conference presentations

Speakers who are doing some interesting things with Web 2.0; speakers who are researching the concepts of 'gratitude in education and staff integrity'; business leaders; marketing libraries

Literal boxes - the origami folded kind - that digital cats can live on

A reasonable amount of time for each session to enable indepth presentation and discussion
Balancing library and records duties

Legal information challenges in the 21st century

Working with your IT team to scope, plan and implement an EDRMS or knowledge portal

MS Sharepoint 2007 and the future of IM in the Microsoft world (i.e. impact on EDRMSs and library catalogues)

Training clients to use MS 2007 products

New approaches to training - Cognitive Load Theory and instructional design

'Not another OIA request!' - the challenges of managing OIA requests within government agencies

Is KM dead? - special librarians share their views on where KM is at

Rebuilding your special library

There's life after librarianship - what happens after you leave the profession

Planned or by accident? Career planning for special librarians

It's different over there - Kiwi librarians who have worked and lived in Australia/UK etc.

MLIS or Paul Szentirmay award research projects - getting people who have completed research over the past year to present their findings